Turnbull takes the piss with Kerry O’Brien. O’Brien has long intimidated many political interviewees but not Turnbull, who obviously thinks Kerry is either not up to much or has left his best days behind him… If Kerry can’t get on top of this, Turnbull’s promotion may be the cue for O’Brien’s departure. — Trevor Cooke, Corporate Engagement

Big L or small l leader? There’s something of a paradox there, because, as I’ve been arguing, Malcolm Turnbull’s best chance at making an impact (beyond the born in a log cabin dingy flat narrative personal stuff) is to move towards the centre, and particularly given his obvious understanding of the issues, move the Coalition towards a responsible position on an ETS. — Kim, Larvatus Prodeo

The heroism of Malcolm Turnbull. Students of 20th century history know that it is in the nature of personality cults to rewrite history. However, I cannot allow Paul Kelly’s attempt to exonerate Turnbull’s misleadership of the Australian Republican Movement (admittedly, an organisation chockfull of followers eager to be misled) to go unanswered, not least because Turnbull’s “heroism” included, in November 1997, a gratuitous smear in the national media of a 19 year old Brisbane university student who had the temerity to run for election to the 1998 Constitutional Convention on an alternative republican ticket. — Paul Norton, Larvatus Prodeo

Malcolm Turnbull’s foreign policy views. So what do we know about Mr Turnbull’s foreign policy views?… In his maiden speech to parliament he backed a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. In the same speech he said fertility rates were at a ‘tipping point in our civilization’s story…the demographic storm is coming.’ — The Interpreter

Peter Fray

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