So what do the voters make of the Liberal leadership spill? Talkback has spoken, and as always, it’s colourful, insightful and revealing (read: crazy.)


  • 4BC (Brisbane), Morning Show, 09:30AM: Caller Mark reckons Brendan Nelson “was not given a fair go from day one”.
  • 4BC (Brisbane), Morning Show, 09:33AM: Caller Louise says it is “a tragic day” since Malcolm Turnbull has won the Liberal leadership vote. He is “not even a Liberal and shouldn’t be trusted on emissions trading”.
  • ABC 612 (Brisbane) Caller Elizabeth says there was a beautiful floral display in St Mary’s cathedral in Sydney near David Jones years ago. She claims Malcolm Turnbull came bounding up the stairs, and when a St Vincent de Paul worker told Turnbull there was a $5 admission fee to see the floral display, Turnbull replied “Oh, I’m Malcolm Turnbull.” Elizabeth says to the best of her knowledge, Turnbull did not pay.


  • ABC 774 (Melbourne), Mornings, 10:06AM: Caller Ben believes Malcolm Turnbull has “suspicious links” to investment banks like Macquarie Bank which supports blue gum plantations in Tasmania.
  • ABC 774 (Melbourne), Mornings, 10:07AM: Caller Nicholas thinks Malcolm Turnbull will be an outstanding Liberal leader. Brendan Nelson did not have the proper leadership qualities.
  • 3AW (Melbourne), Mornings, 10:22AM: Caller Steven reckons Malcolm Turnbull would do a better job than Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
  • 3AW (Melbourne), Mornings, 10:26AM: Caller John thinks Malcolm Turnbull is in politics to actually change things.
  • ABC 774 (Melbourne), Mornings, 10:32AM: Caller Sue is so disappointed and says she’ll be resigning from the Liberal Party because she thinks Brendan Nelson was doing a great job and she “hated all the undermining and nasty things coming from Malcolm Turnbull”. She reckons Turnbull has only been successful at making a lot of money for himself.


  • 2GB (Sydney), Breakfast, 09:56AM: Caller Irene couldn’t care less “if a monkey’s uncle is leader in Canberra” but she does think nobody deserves the treatment Brendan Nelson has received.
  • 2UE (Sydney), Mornings, 10:07AM: Caller Robert thinks the Liberals should have keep Brendan Nelson as leader and says Julie Bishop “looks live a devil with those eyes”.
  • 2UE (Sydney), Mornings, 10:08AM: Caller Darren doesn’t think Malcolm Turnbull “has shown much loyalty” and also wonders why SKY News always get “secret text messages” for leadership announcements. Host Steve Price agrees and thinks mobile phones should be banned from leadership vote meetings.
  • 2UE (Sydney), Mornings, 10:20AM: Caller Margaret is not in favour of Malcolm Turnbull and can never accept he is any good. She remembers Turnbull being “a bully”.
  • 2UE (Sydney), Mornings, 10:22AM: Caller Joe says “it’s game on” for the Labor Party. He says Brendan Nelson didn’t have the profile to be a leader and he “was like the kid at school nobody spoke to or listened to”. Republic campaign. Host Steve Price notes Tim Costello — Peter Costello’s brother — is on the record saying Turnbull is a bully.
  • 2UE (Sydney), Mornings, 10:24AM: Caller Patty is “thrilled to bits” that Malcolm Turnbull is now Liberal leader since “he is a self-made man”. She hopes Turnbull will become Prime Minister and praises him as “a man of great integrity”.
  • 2UE (Sydney), Mornings, 10:34AM: Caller Peter feels sorry for former member for Wentworth Peter King as “he could have been Prime Minister”. Host Steve Price thinks Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and supporters of Malcolm Turnbull will now have enhanced career opportunities.


  • ABC 891 Adelaide, Mornings, 09:37AM: Caller Bill says Brendan Nelson “often appeared lost” and “fell on his own knife”. It “was a case of never ask a question unless you know the answer”.
  • ABC 891 Adelaide, Mornings, 09:40AM: Caller Alan says Peter Costello is yesterday’s man. Malcolm Turnbull is abrasive but so was Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. He suggests Turnbull could be the most brilliant Federal politician ever.
  • ABC 891 Adelaide, Mornings, 09:44AM: Caller Michael reckons Peter Costello is working behind the scenes to take over from Malcolm Turnbull when Turnbull loses the next election.


  • ABC 666 (Canberra), Mornings, 09:55AM: Caller Anne alleges Malcolm Turnbull is involved in an impending court regarding HIH Insurance. She notes Turnbull has been cleared by a Royal Commission but feels the spectacle of an Opposition Leader essentially having his name dragged through the mud may provide political fodder for Labor.
  • ABC 666 (Canberra), Mornings, 09:53AM: Caller Brian jokes Brendan Nelson should write his memoirs now.
  • ABC 666 (Canberra), Mornings, 09:43AM: Caller Ken noticed ABC Kids on TV was interrupted to announce Malcolm Turnbull won the Liberal leadership. He reckons the Liberals have listened to the opinion polls.


  • ABC 936 (Hobart), Statewide Mornings, 09:43AM: Caller Gordon liked Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull has a question mark about his future behaviour.