How Wall Street’s Black Sunday Will Affect Ad Spending. The news that three well-known firms — Lehman Bros., Merrill Lynch and American International Group — are either ceasing to be, being purchased or facing concerns about raising capital rocked Wall Street but so far has had surprisingly few repercussions on Madison Avenue. — Adage

Citizen Journalism Success On August 31, Anne Kilkenny wrote this e-mail about Sarah Palin’s track record in Wasilla, Alaska, where Kilkenny lives. By Friday there were over 3,000 results on Google for Kilkenny and her e-mail. That night, Kilkenny was interviewed by National Public Radio and everybody else. This is another moment that proves the Internet’s power to carry a message from a very small town to the entire world. For those of us who like the idea of small-d democracy, it is a light in the darkness of mass media consolidation and it affirms the role of the citizen observer in the complex process that generates popular news. — Poynter Online

YouTube’s a parasite TV executive chairman Michael Grade has labelled YouTube a “parasite” that lives off the TV shows and content created from the broadcaster’s £1bn annual programming budget. But Grade, participating in a panel at the IBC technology convention in Amsterdam, said he did not consider the rise of technology companies such as Google, which owns YouTube, to be a threat to ITV. —  The Guardian Media

The man in the bushes I first meet Ron Galella when I break into his home. The notorious paparazzo and his wife, Betty, live in a neoclassical megamansion in rural New Jersey. There’s a white marble fountain out front; columns frame the front door. It’s no surprise that an HBO scout once showed up, interested in renting the place as Tony Soprano’s home. (They passed because there was no pool in the backyard, only a rabbit cemetery.) At the base of the stairs is a slab of concrete imprinted, Hollywood Walk of Fame style, with Galella’s handprints and his looping signature. — New York Magazine

A very indecent proposal She’s one of the greatest foreign correspondents of modern times, serving the Daily Mail with courage, wit and style for nearly four decades. Now, in a riveting autobiography, Ann Leslie is telling the story of her extraordinary career. This is our second extract . . . Paul Newman, Sophia Loren, Liza Minnelli, Tennessee Williams, Sean Connery, Arthur Miller, Peter Sellers, John Betjeman, Sammy Davis Jnr … there was scarcely a star in the worlds of film, books and theatre whom I didn’t interview as a young showbusiness reporter in the Sixties. — The Daily Mail UK

Brisbane Broncos players named Following on from revelations yesterday that three Brisbane Broncos players were under investigation by police after a woman claimed she’d been assaulted by the trio at a Fortitude Valley nightclub on Saturday night, the men at the centre of the scandal have been named. — Defamer