Fairfax radio 3AW has now instructed its “independent” news to say “told the Neil Mitchell show” rather than run a sound grab unattributed. This means that stablemate Magic and Pacific Star’s SEN & 3MP who take Fairfax news on the hour effectively hear promo’s for Mitchell’s show during their news service that they pay for as “independent” service. This happened this morning with a Peter Costello interview and will happen in the future with PM interviews etc…

Everyone knows things have long been tough at Fremantle’s independent Herald stable of newspapers. Journos are seriously underpaid and overworked. The business owner has been acting as editor since previous editor Brian Mitchell left over a year ago to go into PR for a Tasmanian Labor federal politician. The production editor has handled most the load without a lot of recognition and quality, particularly errors from incoherent reports and lack of proofing has seen the paper get complaints from school children and a “spot the typo” competition discussed in the letters pages. Now comes news the Herald’s sub-editing services are now being outsources “to Tasmania” (as one commentator put it). It is hard to see how the quality is likely to improve, but this is typical Herald inbred behaviour.

Why is it that sychophants of the previous Government keep getting rewarded? To that list you can add Fiona Cameron former Alston apparatchik whom he planted on the Board of the Australian Film Television and Radio School and recently recruited for a Director level job at the new Screen Australia without any fanfare.

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