Peter Costello (who is talking at last, now that it is in his commercial interest to do so) says that he is keen to find work in the private sector. His efforts in recent days must have done a lot to impress future employers. Let’s see: he can’t write, is disloyal, conniving, self-absorbed, all-but terminally indecisive, smug … the list goes on.

But finding new work outside politics is his problem, it certainly isn’t something that should worry the Liberal party. What should worry the Liberal Party is that he’s still in Parliament and seems incapable of doing what is demonstrably the right thing — leave.

What should also worry the Liberal Party is that it seems to have no one with the authority and common sense to demand that Peter Costello leave politics. Now. Until he does, the Liberals will be mired: their leadership struggle, not their alternative policy vision, will be the story. That’s bad for them and bad for our political process. Perhaps Janette Howard could have a word?