Politics of the plate: Salmongate. At the very least, there was something fishy about Alaska Governor (and Vice Presidential hopeful) Sarah Palin’s decision to speak out publicly against the state’s Clean Water Initiative late last month. There may also be something blatantly illegal about her advocacy for defeating the ballot initiative, which ultimately failed to pass when 57 percent of Alaskans voted against it. — Gourmet [via Grist]

GM Volt photos inadvertently posted on web. They were posted on the Internet for only 12 minutes, but General Motors says that was long enough for secret photos of the Chevrolet Volt rechargeable car to be distributed worldwide. — MSNBC

Silent streams? Escalating endangerment for North American freshwater fish. Nearly 40 percent of fish species in North American streams, rivers and lakes are now in jeopardy, according to the most detailed evaluation of the conservation status of freshwater fishes in the last 20 years. — Science Daily

Oreskes chronicles birth of climate change denial. Naomi Oreskes, the science historian whose landmark article 2004 Science article, finally put the lie as to whether there was a legitimate climate change “debate,” has written a new piece for the TimesOnline, describing on of the best early warnings the U.S. received about global warming, and revealing the efforts of scientist-turned-lobbyist Bill Nierenberg in beginning to sow confusion. — Desmog blog