“You’re duplicitous, John. The public has turned on you, they’re not listening anymore to your lies and embellishments. You’re stale. A has-been. Yesterday’s hero … that’s what I should have said.”

At last Peter Costello has cleared the air, air he so assiduously fowled, sorry, fouled … first through the closing months of the Howard Prime Ministership, and now through the stumbling tenure of the hapless Brendan Nelson. Turns out Peter never really had the ticker to lead, but how did the Costello leadership ambitions unravel? Was power ever truly within his grasp? And what exactly do people mean by “backbone”? Crikey readers are fortunate to be the first to be able to order and read Not The Costello Memoirs, the definitive behind the excuses account of Costello’s life and tepid death in politics. Australia’s longest serving treasurer, and the man who never quite could be king tells all to Canberra insider Walter Slurry. Order your copy today, it’s the political must-read everyone will be talking about when they realise the other one’s just a load of self-serving, over-promoted twaddle.

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