Rupert makes his choice. In case you hadn’t noticed the slant towards the right in the way the Murdoch team’s Fox News is treating the US presidential campaign, the New York Post dispels any doubt about where the master stands. Here’s the front page earlier this week:

And here’s the editorial:

The one thing I know about Rupert Murdoch when it comes to elections, in whatever country, is that he likes getting behind winners and hates being on the loser. So he once threw his support behind Gough Whitlam in Australia before going all out for Malcolm Fraser; was at least even-handed when it came to Hawke and Keating; whole heartedly got behind Maggie Thatcher in Britain before dumping the Tories when Tony Blair looked the winner; was more than fair to Bill Clinton and even raised money for Hillary despite backing George Bush. His record as a tipster isn’t bad either so the Post coming out so early in the American campaign suggests that the post convention lead John McCain has established might be the real deal. As a man who took $31 to a $1 last year there’s even a part of me that hopes Rupert’s right again!

Then you look at Sarah. When you look at who might be the heart beat away from ruling the world money, however, quickly becomes irrelevant. The Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to me has an eerie resemblance to our very own Pauline Hanson. I mean, I can imagine wearing this tee shirt, can’t you?