The Winners: Seven News was tops with 1.774 million and boosted by the late starting AFL final in the mid-afternoon. That then helped The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie on Seven at 6.30pm with 1.356 million. 60 Minutes was 3rd with 1.349 million. Domestic Blitz finished at 6.30pm for Nine with a solid 1.334 million (and is replaced by a Backyard Blitz type contest next Sunday). Dancing With The Stars averaged 1.334 million over two hours from 7.30pm and helped Seven win the night. And assisting was Midsomer Murders on the ABC from 8.30pm to just after 10pm which averaged 1.271 million and drained viewers from Nine’s CSI Miami. Nine News was 7th with 1.269 million and Australian Idol’s wildcard was next with a solid 1.193 million for 90 minutes from 7.30pm. Dr Who averaged 1.095 million at 7.30pm to around 8.15pm for the ABC and Seven’s Outback Wildlife Rescue staggered into 10th spot with 1.094 million at 7pm. The 7pm ABC News averaged 1.062 million in 11th and Ten’s 6.30pm repeat of Thank God You’re Here averaged a still solid 1.032 million. The first episode of CSI Miami averaged 1.028 million. Rove at 9pm averaged 845,000. Seven’s repeat of Criminal Minds at 9.30pm averaged 814,000.

The Losers: CSI Miami on Nine at 8.30pm averaged 1.028 million. The 9.30pm repeat, 838,000. Eaten by Dancing With The Stars and Midsomer Murders. Dexter on Ten at 10.10pm, 515,000. Low but did well in the younger demos. In fact Ten won the younger demos last night. Nine, Seven and the ABC battled for the over 55s and the older parts of the 25 to 54, but Ten even did well there.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Sydney where it was a usual winter Sunday evening. The AFL though was a better lead in in Melbourne than the NRL was in Sydney. Ten News averaged 768,000, SBS News at 6.30pm 182,000. In the morning Weekend Sunrise averaged 444,000, Early Sunrise from 7.30am, 244,000, Landline on the ABC at noon, 229,000; Insiders on the ABC at 9am, 213,000; Inside Business at 10am, 171,000, Offsiders at 10.30am, 161,000 and Sunday morning News on Nine at 8am, 143,000. (Why not at 9am?). Meet The Press at 8am on Ten, 84,000.

The Stats: Seven won with 27.3% (25.0% last Sunday) from Nine with 24.8% (27.7%), Ten with 21.4% (23.5%), the ABC with 20.9% (19.4%) and SBS with 5.7% (4.4%). Seven won Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Nine won Brisbane and Adelaide. In regional areas no worries for Nine with a strong won for WIN/NBN with 28.1% from Prime/7Qld with 22.9%, Southern Cross (Ten), 21.6%, the ABC with 20.6% and SBS with 6.8%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: The Seven Network won last week comfortably, but Nine did well with wins in the 25 to 54 group in younger demos, so they would have been feeling chuffed about last night when the figures rolled out of the word documents just after 8am this morning. You can see the jaws dropping from here (and at Seven, truth be known). It has only taken two weeks, but Seven’s tactic of switching Dancing With The Stars has neutered Nine’s Sunday evening dominance, helped of course by the ABC and Midsomer Murders, the most boring, predictable UK crime show for a while. But will it last? Maybe not.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Nine back on top next week, but it will be tough because of the way CSI Miami bombed last night. Seven used yesterday afternoon’s AFL final to boost viewer numbers in Melbourne and that helped nationally in a big way. There’s no final on Sunday of next week and Nine has the NRL finals next Sunday afternoon. Nine won Adelaide, despite the AFL and it won Brisbane. But the influence of the ABC can’t be under estimated. Nine programmed poorly at 8.30pm and really needs fresh CSI episodes there to hold and win the night clearly. To do that (as it will later this year, will be to shorten next year’s season).

Last night Nine was whacked as viewers deserted CSI Miami for Midsomer and Dancing With the Stars. Seven will win the week again, even though Nine has Kitchen Nightmares tonight. Nine though has already programmed to run dead on Tuesday nights against Packed To The Rafters and Animal Rescue on Seven and new NCIS and Idol on Ten.

Jamie Durie had a small laugh over Nine and his former Backyard Blitz mate, Scott Camm. They were cat fighting over their respective shows and Camm’s Domestic Blitz ended last night with 1.349 million people over the hour from 6.30pm, but Durie’s new program’s second episode lifted to 1.356 million for the 30 minutes from 6.30pm.

Now, Seven helped itself by starting the Geelong-St Kilda game late which boosted the News audience in Melbourne to a huge 650,000. (The Geelong game averaged 569,000). That meant a big 436,000 audience for Durie’s program in Melbourne and a win there over Blitz, which in turn beat Durie in Sydney. Domestic Blitz beat Outdoor Room in Brisbane as well, despite Seven News thumping Nine News by 120,000 viewers.

Tonight it’s Seven to win because its 7.30pm to 10.30pm programming is stronger than Nine’s Border Security/The Force, City Homicide and Bones will beat Nine’s Life of Mammals and two hours of Kitchen Nightmares. Top Gear on SBS will chip in to make life difficult for everyone at 7.30pm, Four Corners won’t bother many after its strong effort last week, it’s a buy in from the BBC. Enough Rope will do well at 9.35pm, while Ten’s Idol will be strong.

Ten is also punting that history can repeat itself with the remake of 90210 (the show that kick started Fox TV in the US and Ten’s youth kick in Australia when it had nothing else to turn to) will drain young viewers at 8.30pm for two hours, up against Swearin Gordie Ramsay. If Ramsay doesn’t grab 1.2 million to 1.3 million for the two hours, he’s a spent force here and for Nine.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports