The esteemed Wankley award is not just about calling a wanker when we see one, sometimes it’s about a tip of the hat to well-deserving types.

Today, we’re sending a Wankley shout out to the poor sod who works in The Daily Telegraph radio room.

Below is a copy of The Daily Telegraph radio log from a recent car accident on the Harbour Bridge.

News Ltd “employ a person, when they decide to turn up, to sit in a room no bigger then a 3 x 3m glass box… the fish bowl, as most people know it by, to monitor the emergency service radios,” our tipster told Crikey. 

“They are required to pass on information to the news desk or the journalist who may be on at the time and report information like accidents, stabbing, fires etc. As you can see when you read the last part of the radio log just how News Ltd treat their staff…”

06:05 MVA: Accident Sydney harbour Bridge: (Fire Radio)

Firey’s are on scene where a vehicle, I believe a truck, has rolled on the Harbour Bridge Police and emergency services are on scene: Pic RTA website:

06:10 Ambo’s stated that they have 1 person trapped: Emergency services are dealing with the incident:


06:18 RTA advice that five south bound lanes are blocked:

06:27 Police are securing a Landing site for the Helicopter to land on the bridge for the patient.

_Note [name of journalist] rang up asking for details and Bitched that wasn’t notified earlier. For F sake I’m still getting the details together.

Sick of this sh-t, can’t get hold of anybody when I need to and most of the time they are not interested. So do it your selves.

Find someone else to sit here for 8 hrs dumbsh-ts!

Token journalists anyway, wouldn’t know a good story; have you actually read the paper and what goes in it? Cr-p.

Radio Room now unmanned as I have had enough of this cr-p.

Disgruntled faceless worker — for standing up to, and swearing at, the man, we salute you.