The Follieri Charade. Raffaello Follieri had the love of Hollywood princess Anne Hathaway, the illusion of a Vatican imprimatur, an investment partnership with billionaire Ron Burkle, and entrée to Bill Clinton’s inner circle. It wasn’t enough for him. Now that the 30-year-old Italian entrepreneur has been jailed on fraud and money-laundering charges, the author separates the facts from the fantasy of Follieri and Hathaway’s high-flying life. — Vanity Fair

Samantha Brett: Feminism And Other “Deal Breakers”. Anyone who’s ever gone on a date, even if they don’t use the phrase, will be familiar with the concept of ‘deal breakers’ – you know, the little “bup bow” details that, superficially or not, turn you off a romantic prospect. For some people these are things like not wanting kids or voting for the Natural Law Party… In other words, it’s just another of the myriad foibles that make us human and that make the mating game such a nightmare joy. So, with so many possibilities out there for blog fodder, what do you think Samantha Brett chose to highlight as possible deal breakers in a blog on the topic? Tattoos, nice men (because, you know, we’re all looking for rough, bad boy types), men who take ‘too much’ pride in their appearance (or to use her parlance, “When your boyfriend looks like a Dolly Magazine cover model and has better pecks than you do” – presumably she means “pecs” and not hens), and, naturally, feminism… — The Dawn Chorus

Pixar short film: Lifted. If you missed Pixar’s Ratatouille at the cinema, you also missed this gem of a short film, which screened before it. Thanks to our eagle eyed First Dog on the Moon, we found it on YouTube. Incidentally, it was directed by the multi-talented Gary Rydstrom, who’s won seven Oscars for sound design, and was nominated for best animated short film for this lovely alien spoof. — Lifted

Let Us Now Praise 44-Year-Old Women. Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin have more in common than you might think. — Slate

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