John McCain’s VP pick not enough to keep you in stitches? Not to worry, here’s a few other funny videos… and a song!

Democracy Now interviews Jon Stewart of the Daily Show after he arrives in Minneapolis-St Paul for the Republican National Convention. He predicted that with Hurrican Gustav threatening New Orleans, that the Republicans would work hard to create “the illusion of concern” to allay any comparisons being made with the Bush administration’s handling of Hurrican Katrina three years ago.

What’s a presidential campaign without some inappropriate touching? Wonkette found some fairly disturbing footage of John McCain meeting Sarah Palin’s family and “feeling up” Levi Johnston, the teenage fiancee of her daughter Bristol. Maybe we just have dirty minds, but we’re sure we spotted some McCain tongue when he bent down to kiss Sarah Palin’s new baby? Eww.

The Monty Python jokes started soon after Sarah Palin’s candidacy was announced, but we do like this song penned by Loki Carbis – the (Alaskan) Lumberjack song. It starts out: “I’m Republican, and I’m okay. I hate to think ‘cos I’d rather pray.” and goes on from there. Read the whole song here.