How weird that conservative commentary in this country should sense some s-xist, leftist conspiracy behind the quizzical glances that have be thrown toward the Sarah Palin candidacy and the comic little soap opera of home-schooled eccentricity and accidental pregnancy trailing in its wake.

The case is proven, they say, that the liberal left is less inclined to accept strong feminity than are those champions of women’s rights on the right. Would the left cock the same snoot if the candidate whose unmarried daughter was due to give birth somewhere this side of the inauguration was a male? Well, if that candidate was a champion of born again (and again!) family values, of abstinence based s-x education, was a figurehead of the party that pillories the collapse of family structure and blames that crumbling edifice on individual rather than social turpitude, then yes, they probably would.

The fact is, that the pregnancy of Palin junior points to the deeper hypocrisy of the proselytizing, moralizing, upright, arrogantly self assertive religious right. Weird indeed.