Seems even conservatives are unhappy with the Sarah Palin pick – and unfortuantely for two of them, they were caught on mic by MSNBC sharing their thoughts on the matter. Peggy Noonan and Republican strategist Mike Murphy describe the choice of Palin as “cynical” and say she wasn’t the best woman for the job – view the video here.

Peggy Noonan was quick to respond, with this “Declaration” just published by the Wall Street Journal. It’s called “Open mic night at MSNBC” and starts off “Well, I just got mugged by the nature of modern media, and I wish it weren’t my fault, but it is.”

“When the segment was over and MSNBC was in commercial, Todd, Murphy and I continued our conversation, talking about the Palin choice overall. We were speaking informally, with some passion — and into live mics. An audio tape of that conversation was sent, how or by whom I don’t know, onto the internet. And within three hours I was receiving it from friends far and wide, asking me why I thought the McCain campaign is “over”, as it says in the transcript of the conversation.”

Read the full piece here.