Sarah Palin: target of the spoof bloggers!

Poor old Sarah. What has she done to get such a thrashing from all the blogging, Obama-loving, lefties with too much time on their hands? Let’s hope that like contraception, she doesn’t believe in other new fangled ideas like the internet, or she’d get a nasty shock at some of the words people are putting into her mouth.

Welcome To The PalinDrome: Sarah Palin’s Blog. I’m just trying to breathe in and breathe out and remember that no matter what happens, I will still be the vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party right up until we WIN. After all, it’s not like they can FIRE me. Todd says that he’ll be in the front row cheering me on, and he’s going to bring a laptop so he can try and blog about my speech when the camera’s not on him (awww…thanks hon!). He also suggested that if I get too nervous I picture everyone in the audience as mooses. — Palindrome

Levi Johnston: Go WHS Warriors! Oh no, I think she found out. Bristol left the pregnancy test in the garbage, instead of throwing it in the outside one. I hope this doesn’t leak. I hear she’s going to be running for something political. — Levi Johnston blog

FakeSarahPalin. SO MANY GIFTS TODAY FOR BRISTOL! Yay to Jamie Lynn Spears!… (maybe John can give Bristol a house?) YAAAAAY, GIRL POWER!!! Retweeting @marcambinder: “Delegations urging women to sit closer to the front tonight in show of force…..” Twitter

Sarah Palin’s daughter Again pregnant with McCain’s baby: This time she must carry her own child! “Our family teaches compassion and personal responsibility. I agreed to carry my daughter’s first child fathered by POW McCain out of empathy for a child whose parents never taught him sexual responsibility. Our daughter had been raised in an abstinence only household where My husband and I fucked like Alaskan snowshoe hares. How can you blame the lusty young wench? She couldn’t tell a IUD from a fishing lure!” — The Spoof

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #1. Governor Sarah Palin, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, will be vlogging throughout the campaign. Her first vlog was leaked to the press by unknown sources. — YouTube ()

What you need, when you need it. What appears to be a website about Sarah Palin’s sudden change of opinion on gay rights, is actually a directory website. It links you to websites related to various topics including, “Gays, Married, Personal, Local Service, Mail Order Brides, Russian Wife and Muslim Marriage.”– Sarahpalingayrights

And then there are the resisters, fighting to protect the good name of Sarah Palin.

The Smear. Many fake websites have been set up by radical left wing Obama supporters to make them look genuine and to spread lies.–Fight the Palin Smears