The Future of Beijing’s Cleaner Air. Most of the history that happened in Beijing over the past few weeks took place in gyms, in the pool and on the track. But there was also history in the air, specifically the best summer air quality this city has seen in 10 years. So as the Olympic experience fades into memory, the question remains whether the Chinese capital can keep that clean air from fading as well. — Time

Stay green after you die with Ecopod. The Ecopod is a compressed recycled paper coffin designed by Hazel Selina. Hazel has been highly involved in natural birthing processes for much of her life and as the years toil past she has turned her focus to a pressing issue…death. The Ecopod along with the Acorn urn are made from 100% recycled paper and a natural earth based mineral hardener. They are completely biodegradable just like you (unless you’re pumped full of embalming fluids)! You can have your Ecopod silk screened with designs such as doves or a Celtic cross. — GreenUpgrader

Green cement may set CO2 fate in concrete. Constantz says he has invented a green cement that could eliminate the huge amounts of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere by the manufacturers of the everyday cement used in concrete for buildings, roadways and bridges. — San Francisco Chronicle

Spokes People. Ever glance enviously at the cyclists whizzing past while you’re stuck in traffic? Joining ’em is easy — and it doesn’t have to involve full-body spandex. The health benefits of biking to work are plenty, from a svelte physique to breathing fewer air pollutants than those stuck in cars. Regular bikers live longer and are less likely to get depressed than non-bikers, boasts the Chelsea Green Guide on biking to work. And with fuel prices showing no sign of coming down, you can save serious bling on gas — plus, there’s that teeny detail of cutting your carbon emissions. — Grist