The Presidential Energy Scorecord – side by side comparison of Obama & McCain. With energy at the top of the political agenda right now,  the Sierra Club has released a new side-by-side comparison to help its members and the public compare the energy plans of John McCain and Barack Obama. The scorecard examines the candidates’ energy plans in four key areas: taking on Big Oil, investing in the clean energy economy, fixing global warming, and increasing fuel economy. — The Good Human

Magic trees converting wind, light and heat into electricity. Solar Botanic are mimicking nature, creating natural looking artificial trees and plants, fitted with Nanoleaves, the leaves are a combination of nano technologies that enable the leaf to convert solar radiation (light & heat) into electricity, furthermore the leaf petiole or the stem, and twigs comprise nano-piezovoltaic material – these tiny generators react to movement caused by wind or from falling rain drops and start to produce electricity, this synergy of technology with natures design will soon become a reality. — Energy Bloggers

Sea level rises could far exceed IPCC estimates. Could our coastlines disappear underwater much sooner than we think? The controversial view that sea levels could rise at a rate of more than 1 metre per century has found support from a new study of a long-melted ice sheet. — Environmental News Network

The more we fish, the smaller they get. Fish stocks in many parts of the ocean have hit historic lows. And a new study finds over-fishing actually changes a fish’s biology. And not in a good way — turns out they’re getting smaller. And that makes fisheries even more vulnerable. — Marketplace