The Courier Mail managed to shame a pathetic Queensland Rail into cancelling at the last minute a corporate function to celebrate Brisbane’s Riverfire on Saturday night. The Restaurant lost tens of thousands of dollars as a result, and the taxpayer was still obliged to fork out a $15,000 deposit for the cancellation. According to our spies, the Courier Mail was trawling all Brisbane riverside restaurants for any other titillating examples of corporate excess, although they were telling the restaurants it would be “great exposure” for them if they disclosed who was booking and how much they were paying. Sure. Great exposure! Having successfully cowed the Government into their feeble backflip through this cynical exercise in envy-fostering, it must have been an interesting view for the boss of the Courier Mail in Queensland, Queensland Newspapers Managing Director Jerry Harris, who was enjoying the corporate hospitality of Qantas in a restaurant right next door at an estimated $200 per head and very lavish affair. I wonder if the Courier Mail will disclose what other employees enjoyed public or privately funded hospitality?

Can someone please point out that the AFR staff — well all but four of them — did not walk off the job on strike last week. Most media reports suggested that they did but they didn’t. On top of that they actually helped get the SMH Saturday edition out. But, because staff at the SMH have now agreed to not torment any of the scabs, the AFR has got away with it and won a PR battle as well.

The Fairfax legal work isn’t going to Freehills — they are being sacked too. It’s going to another firm.

Mt Baw Baw is now charging 70 year old skiiers to use the ski lifts. I am a member of a Ski Club on Baw Baw with 44 years put into the promotion of Baw Baw. I am annoyed that the cost of tickets for the ski tows at Mount Baw Baw for 70 year old Skiiers have gone from FREE to $39.00 per Day? The prices at the following resorts are: Mt Buller, FREE; Falls Creek, FREE; MT Hotham, FREE.

Check out the name of the PR outfit at the bottom right of ABC Learning’s ASX announcement on Friday.