With tropical storm Gustav threatening New Orleans on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Republicans may postpone the start of their National Convention. But the residents of New Orleans are facing a much bigger decision – stay or evacuate?

An open letter to God by Michael Moore. Now, heavenly Father, we all know You have a great sense of humor and impeccable timing. To send a hurricane on the third anniversary of the Katrina disaster AND right at the beginning of the Republican Convention was, at first blush, a stroke of divine irony. I don’t blame You, I know You’re angry that the Republicans tried to blame YOU for Katrina by calling it an “Act of God” — when the truth was that the hurricane itself caused few casualties in New Orleans. Over a thousand people died because of the mistakes and neglect caused by humans, not You.Huffington Post

Democrats to New Orleans: Thank you! Your misfortune is our political gain. Just like their strategy for Iraq, they’re hoping and praying for the destruction and misfortune of Americans so that they can gain an advantage politically. Michael Moore’s take on Hurricane Gustav’s impending devastation of parts of Louisiana, possibly including New Orleans? “It is proof that there is a God in heaven.” — Texas Rainmaker

See how power works in this country.

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New Orleans mayor: “We really don’t have the resources to rescue you after this. “Hurricane Gustav has hit Cuba, and is heading straight for New Orleans with great force. From mayor Ray Nagin, who was, of course, also the city’s mayor when Katrina struck 3 years ago this week: “This is very, very serious, and we need you to heed this warning,” he said. “We really don’t have the resources to rescue you after this.”  Boing Boing

New Orleans writer and blogger Poppy Z. Brite on Michael Moore. “I’ve despised Michael Moore since I saw Bowling For Columbine, but I suggest that anyone who still likes him take a look at this YouTube video… “Gustav proves that there is a God in Heaven.” Very nice. Yes, I’m aware he added that he “hope[s] nobody gets hurt,” but apparently he doesn’t care if south Louisianians experience terror, loss of income, horrible evacuation conditions, catastrophic property damage, etc., etc., as long as those ee-vil Republicans come off looking bad. He is a pus-dripping fuckstick floating atop a big turd in a little toilet. George Bush, Karl Rove (“The Republicans can’t catch a break with the weather in August, hur hur hur!”), Bobby Jindal, Ray Nagin, and many others float on adjacent turds, alternately hailing and trying to capsize one another. — Poppy Z. Brite

See how power works in this country.

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