Arctic Climate Tipping Point Happening Now! Sea Ice in Its “Death Spiral” Scientist Claims. Scientists are reporting that the extent of sea ice in the Arctic is at the second lowest point on record. Currently ice covers 2.03 million square miles; last year’s sea ice coverage, 1.59 million square miles, set the record. In the past ten years Arctic sea ice has declined 10 percent. — Treehugger

Baltic states failing to protect most damaged sea. Nine Baltic sea states all scored failing grades in an annual WWF evaluation of their performance in protecting and restoring the world’s most damaged sea. — Environmental News Network

Almost half of Australia untouched by humans: study. More than 40 percent of Australia, an area the size of India, remains untouched by humans, making the country as critical to the world’s environment as the Amazon rainforests, according to a new study. — Reuters

Advancing Atlantic swallows African village. The old shore road to Totope is now under the sea, and when developers began carving out another one, it was washed away so often they abandoned it. Now the road to this village is just a track across the sand. On this southern coast of Ghana, the Atlantic Ocean is rising. Every few years, residents of a string of villages leave their homes and build new ones farther back, abandoning them to the encroaching sand and water. — MSNBC