The trouble with small-scale farming. Should small-scale farmers who grow organically and sell locally or regionally be able to make a middle-class living with farming as their sole source of income? I’ve always answered this question with a fervent “yes,” at least from a philosophical perspective. But the answer to the follow-up question — “do they?” — is nearly always a resounding no. — Grist

Rising rivers threaten more misery in India. Rising rivers in eastern India have swamped new areas and destroyed homes, affecting more than two million people, as frustrated villagers beat up officials and others remained glued to weather radio bulletins. — Reuters

Soaring oil prices may spawn industrial landfill mining. The escalating cost of oil-derived plastics is causing waste management companies to consider “landfill mining” to retrieve plastic garbage that could be converted to liquid fuel or recycled. — Yale Environment 360

Fishing technology letting turtles off the hook. Alternative fishing technology has been shown to save turtles while not affecting fish catches, according to a report released by WWF and the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission. — Science Daily