Saturday's SMH article on Western FastRail (WFR) by Linton Besser is inaccurate, dishonest and poor journalism. And it ignores a key point: the WFR consortium proposes that any high speed link to western Sydney be competitively tendered.

Some factual inaccuracies: my business partner, Shane Geha, was never married to Catherine Harding (this was corrected in today's paper). I do not own the Allied Mills site at Summer Hill; superannuation fund investors do. EG Funds Management which I chair manages that investment. I am not involved in any property investments in Parramatta or further west, nor do I have any personal property investments that stand to benefit from the construction of any such link. Peter Hicks, whilst in Government, was never involved in the assessment of the then Lend Lease proposal for Western line rail improvements.