Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy may have stolen the show on the first night of the DNC, but the other story that everyone’s talking about is the Clintons. Mark Halperin at Time rounded up a slew of stories talking about discontent amongst Clinton supporters and how the Dems are attempting to smooth the waters.

He followed up by pointing to a joint statement released by Clinton adviser Maggie Williams and Obama strategist Axelrod in what he described as an “attempt to shoot down reports of intraparty strife.” (Read their full statement here).

The Huffington Post reports that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have agreed to limit a potentially divisive role call on the convention floor, giving delegates “a brief but historic choice between a black man and white woman”. But Hillary has told her supporters she will cast her own vote for Obama, in an attempt to smooth the way for them to also support Obama.

Of course any dischord in the Democratic camp will be music to the GOP’s ears. The Huffington Post looks at the McCain camp’s attempt to play the Hillary card.