Michelle Obama’s hat-tip to Hillary during her DNC address yesterday got one of the biggest cheers of her speech. Organisers will be hoping that Hillary Clinton’s speech today will go even further to quell the disquiet amongst her supporters within the Democratic party. We’ll be watching her speech with interest. She probably needs no introduction, but here’s a roundup of interesting facts and feature articles on Hillary Clinton.

Another interesting speaker will be equal pay campaigner Lilly Ledbetter. She took Goodyear, her former employer, to court over pay discrimination and won, only to see an appeal court overturn the decision. She should give a passionate speech to the DNC – and it will be interesting to see if she touches on the Hillary issue at all.

The keynote speaker for Day 2 of the DNC is former Governor Virginia Mark Warner. The RealClearPolitics blog reports he’s planning to give a “lesson in bipartisanship” in his keynote, and there’s some consternation amongst Democrats who thought Day 1 of the DNC was too soft on McCain and would prefer to see a more aggressive keynote from Warren. 

Are there any other speakers or events you’re looking out for on Day 2 of the DNC? Please share in comments.