Shoplifters are having a ball at Myer. As Crikey tipsters have noted repeatedly, it’s getting harder to find someone to serve you at Myer, which has also provided an unexpected bonanza for shoplifters cause no staff means no-one to watch the floor.

Myer has just appointed a senior executive to manage ‘shrinkage’, industry spin for shoplifting and goods lost between DCs and the stores (a very small overall percentage). Myer’s shrinkage has grown from about 1% of sales two years ago (which is average for good retailers) to about 2.9%. Might not seem like a lot, until you understand that 2.9% of $3.3 billion is roughly $100 million walking out the door each year. That equates to a store the size of Myer Chadstone being picked clean every 12 months.

As a comparison, DJ’s shrink is sitting just north of 1%. The Myer figure also equals about half the total saving TPG have made through cost reduction since they took over from Coles. Stormy days with poor sales, fewer costs to cut and now a shoplifting free-for-all.

The NSW Premier has apparently sent an email to all Public Servants saying that the NSW Public service would be shut down for a fortnight at Christmas so that: (a) The NSW public service could wipe out a chunk of accrued leave on its books; and (b) so that staff could “spend more time with their families”. It goes without saying that staff will be compelled to use up part of their annual leave

The good old days! Brian Burke on the campaign trail!

QF 12 departed Los Angeles on Thursday 21 August on time at 2230. Due in to Sydney on Saturday 23 August at 0605. Flight time planned at 14 hours 46 minutes from Sydney the aircraft diverted to Brisbane due to “weather and high cross winds”.

A lie — the aircraft VH-OJT a 747-400 had been unserviceable in LAX for 2 days with a faulty fuel pump. The issue was not resolved and the aircraft left thus resulting in the diversion. Plenty of fuel on board but a busted pump which could not get it to the engines. The crew did an 18h 30m tour of duty not to mention the transport and wake up time prior to operating.

Mr Dixon spins some mighty fine crap through the media — the aircraft are in a very bad state and it’s just a matter of time. The lying to passengers is appalling as is the company’s failure to inform crew of aircraft technical issues prior to operating. The aircraft was due to return to LA a few hours after arrival without the problem resolved. This is fact.