Thanks to techPresident we’ve discovered that C-SPAN has launched two new hubs for its Democratic and Republican national convention coverage. The DNC has just swung into action this morning our time, so check out the Dem page which integrates a range of content from around the web, including YouTube, Twitter and blogs. You’ll also find high quality video of the official convention speeches – right now the featured video is Howard Dean’s opening speech of the DNC.

Google’s also getting in on the act. Here’s their main landing page for the US election, but the features we particularly like are the “Power Reader in Politics” which is a Google Reader page set up for you to receive links to articles recommended by various political editors (such as Ariana Huffington from the Huffington Post) as well as articles shared directly from the Obama and McCain campaigns. You can visit the page to receive recommendations, or you can subscribe to the page in Google Reader.

And don’t forget, dear reader, that Crikey will be rounding up the best news and blog posts on the US election right here on this very page. If you like to receive your news via an RSS feed, go here to subscribe and receive updates as they happen.

If you have any preferred blogs or websites for US election coverage, please feel free to share in comments.