Christian Kerr’s rant about bloggers in the Oz last week has predictably set the cat amongst the bloggers…

Blogs are part of the mainstream media – in the US at least. I’ve just realised that a week ago was the fourth anniversary of starting up this blog, which gives me cause to reflect on how tiresome it is to still see the stale, dead-end ‘journalists versus bloggers’ argument still being aired far too often. This recent, very over-defensive effort in The Australian is an example – written by Christian Kerr, who developed his career through commentary in the independent media and should really know better (although he was probably just having some fun venting his spleen, which is the sort of thing bloggers stereotypically do). — Andrew Bartlett

Fun with blogs and Christian Kerr, who doesn’t understand them. Mark [of Larvatus Prodeo] decided to give Kerr what he so transparently desired, which was a response that linked to his op-ed, but he used something that he understands about blogs and Kerr doesn’t – the advantages of Web 2.0 features combined with LP’s high search authority ranking – to make sure that LP’s reponding post will rank high on search engine results on the name of Christian Kerr, right there next to a Wikipedia entry and Kerr’s latest articles for the Oz. — Hoyden About Town

Possum fights back. Possum isn’t going to take being dissed by Christian Kerr and the “balance and fact” crew at The Australian lying down. Video here. — Larvatus Prodeo