McCain’s housing crisis. McCain stumbled in an interview with Politico when he couldn’t remember how many houses he owns. It’s seven, according to this new Obama ad. Both camps are now attempting to brand the other multi-millionaire candidate as “out of touch” with America’s economic reality.

Candidates agree on 4 debates. McCain and Obama have agreed on three presidential debates and one VP debate, starting on September 26. — RealClearPolitics

McCain rules out single term presidency. McCain has ruled out pledging to serve only one term as president. — Politico

Obama tells Virginia: Vote on economics not biography. Obama tackled a conservative, swing state audience in Virginia by attacking the Republican’s record on the economy. — McClatchy

Lieberman for VP is a fakeout. Floating pro-choice former Democrat Joe Lieberman as a potential Republican VP is just a way of softening up independents and those Democrats who are having a hard time coming to terms with their prejudices, before announcing the real candidate. — Huffington Post

Conservative group plans Obama-Ayers attack ad. A new conservative group will spend $2.8 million airing a television ad attacking Obama for his relationship with former Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers. Time Editor Mark Halperin wrote “Watch this ad — it is very tough and shows where the anti-Obama forces are headed.” — Politico

New anti-Obama ad. The One” is back – the latest Republican ad continues to mock the cult of Obama and ask “is he ready to lead”? — RealClearPolitics

Spoof “Obama’s VP announcement” SMS. Politico reports that some Democrats in Virginia got spoofed by a fake Obama VP SMS announcement. As techPresident asked, had someone been reading Wonkette‘s piece on how to send a spoof VP announcement via SMS?