Making climate forecasting more useful. Eight weather prediction and tracking groups have called on increased US funding, saying more money could increase computing power, a prerequisite for gaining insights and forecasting skill on drought, tornadoes, hurricanes and regional impacts of human-caused climate change. — NYT

US utility ditches coal plants for solar. Colorado state regulators have given the go-ahead to Xcel Energy’s plans for a green makeover: shutting down two coal-fired power plants in the state and building one of the world’s largest utility-scale solar power plants. — Rocky Mountain News

‘Dead zones’ killing marine life, scientists warn. Oxygen-starved “dead zones” will continue to threaten coastal ecosystems in what scientists are calling one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems unless regulations are introduced to reduce nitrogen runoff from fertilizer and sewage outflows, marine biologists say. — Globe and Mail

Spain’s water war. Spain has fallen into a water funk. The source it has always relied on for fresh water, the vast Ebro River, cannot meet the increasing demand. Fast-paced growth, market competition and climate change are playing havoc with its boundaries. Tensions are high over access to and the cost of drinkable water — and what jurisdictions or interests have the right to tap the Ebro. — Chicago Tribune