Sophie Monk totally not coy about Playboy spread. Some starlets say ‘oh no never’, or ‘not unless the price is right’. Not our Soph, whose publicist said “Playboy has always done classy portfolios, so I’m sure if this was real, it’s something that would be considered.” — Defamer

Peaches Geldof ‘reunites’ with new hubby. Newlywed Peaches Geldolf has been reunited with her new husband Max Drummey after spending the last eight days apart. Gossip rags had been certain the couple would go the way of Britney and her quickly-annulled Vegas nuptials. — The Mirror

Jennifer Aniston dumped by SMS. UK’s The Mirror reports that John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston with a one line text message after the two had one of those “where is this going?” type of phone calls. — Celebitchy

Newlyweds Ellen and Portia want kids. One of my favorite Ellen DeGeneres jokes from her comedy CD was when she said she wanted to have a baby, she just didn’t want to have a baby. So it looks like new wife, Geelong’s Portia di Rossi, will have to do the honours. — Celebitchy

Matt Damon’s Excorcist moment. Like the scene in The Exorcist, where Linda Blair starts speaking in the voice of Satan and Father Karras’ dead mother, here is an ad for anti-poverty group ONE and its Vote ’08 project, featuring Matt Damon. Well intentioned, but creepy. — Jossip

How dare Sienna Miller have a sex life. We’re not sure who we like better, the presumably sniggering teenagers who sprayed “slut” on Sienna Miller’s house, or the report on it which read: “Don’t feel bad for Sienna Miller. Being homewrecking slut who everybody hates does have its advantages. Look, free decorating! ” — Idon’tlikeyouinthatway