Rudy Giuliani, Joe Lieberman to speak at RNC. The Republicans have announced the speakers for the Republican National Convention. Former Democrat and rumoured VP chance Joe Lieberman will speak — and former NY Mayor and Presidential wannabe Rudy Giuliani is keynoting. — RealClearPolitics

The Lieberman “sideshow”. “I do hope that when Lieberman gives his speech at the GOP convention, he realizes that the delegates cheering him on are the same people who’d be rioting in the streets if their party ever gave Lieberman anything more than a symbolic honor. In other words, Lieberman’s only use to the Republicans is as a sideshow act…” — The Plank

Obama will announce VP this week.

The NYT reports that Obama’s VP announcement is imminent, while a leak from the Obama campaign says we’ll see the candidate campaigning with his VP choice this weekend. RedState argues that Obama will pick Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

McCain will announce VP on August 29. McCain will spend his 72nd birthday in Ohio announcing his running mate. — Politico

The truth of polls. The media is buzzing over McCain’s clawback in the polls — RCP has him ahead of Obama in the electoral college votes for the first time. The Balloon Juice blog tries to piece some of the hype: “national polling really does not matter until after the second convention.” — Balloon Juice

US oil: Drill already. A month before the US election, the congressional ban on extracting oil from the 1.76 billion acres of the Outer Continental Shelf will expire. NRO argues Congress should “change the game” in world energy markets by lifting the ban. — NRO