AP typo labels Joe Lieberman a “prick”. In a story about Obama’s plans for a vice presidential pick, AP noted that McCain was considering Senator Joe Lieberman, “the Democratic vice presidential prick in 2000 who now is an independent.” (Emphasis added.) Oh dear. — Regret the Error

Russia: NATO aids criminal regime. Russia has accused Nato of trying to “whitewash a criminal regime” in Tbilisi and seeking to rearm Georgia’s leaders.Al Jazeera

Junk mail to the rescue in New Orleans. New Orleans has found a novel use for the massive database used by Valassis Communications’ RedPlum direct-mail operation. Normally used to send promotional circulars to virtually every household in the U.S., it’s now being used to track the speed of recovery in the Crescent City. — Advertising Age

The Eight Immutable Laws of MBA Dating. Who says business isn’t romantic? Profit squeezes, position limits, extension swaps, rollovers, interlocking directorates—not to mention horizontal mergers. Factor in a tight-knit cadre of ambitious, successful people in the prime of life, a pressure-cooker environment, and enough recruiter-sponsored cocktails to irrigate the Gobi Desert, and nature is bound to take its course. — Wet Feet