Widespread support for decriminalising abortion. One of those reminders that, despite the best efforts of some to import US-style culture wars into Australia, key issues just do not have the same resonance here that they do in America. — Tim Dunlop

The Age has trumpeted the ‘triumph’ a tad early. The bill (to completely legalise abortion for whatever reason up to 24 weeks by removing it from the criminal code and put it under the health act) is still under debate, and will be for some time yet. Apparently the “victory” was simply the presentation of the bill in the House. — Sentire cum Ecclesia

Abortion reform finally reaches Victorian Parliament. One thing that’s not absolutely clear to me at this point is whether there is any change from the current situation for pregnancies over 24 weeks. This Age article seems to indicate that after 24 weeks, the standard of the Menhennitt ruling would be enshrined in law. — Larvatus Prodeo

Update on abortion law reform. The “compromise” bill, states that Victorian women will be able to have an abortion free from prosecution up until the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. However what happens afterward remains murky. After 24 weeks women will still be treated like criminals, their judgement questioned by health professionals who will undoubtedly be hostile to performing a late-term abortion. The Dawn Chorus