Wild dolphins learn to tail-walk on water. A wild dolphin in South Australia is apparently teaching other members of her group to walk on their tails, a behaviour usually seen only after training in captivity. — BBC

When things go sour. Drought, cheap imports, rising costs – our citrus growers are doing it tough. — The Age

New pollutants identified. The discovery of a new class of pollutants known as “persistent free radicals” that are produced during combustion and can last a long time in the atmosphere has been announced at the American Chemical Society. — Yale Environment 360

Bill Clinton’s energy tips for the next US President. I find it more than slightly ironic that the National Clean Energy Summit is being held in Las Vegas, a city that on environmental grounds and water usage alone probably should not exist, but nonetheless it’s happening. Yesterday evening Bill Clinton opened the event will a speech which, among other things, outlined what he believes the US government should do to support renewable energy.Treehugger

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