Today’s Crikey poll has revealed that almost 20% of Australian voters would like to see A Presentable Fellow With A Nice Hat as the next leader of the federal Liberal Party.

The poll, which closed at 9.30am today, sampled the views of 588 respondents, with A Presentable Fellow With A Nice Hat garnering 19.2% of the vote, just ahead of Kevin Rudd’s Cat with 18.7%

On Tuesday, Crikey asked its readers who would they like to see nominated as a potential leader for the Federal Liberal Party in the wake of Peter Costello’s 44% approval in Fairfax/Neilsen poll released earlier this week.

Crikey’s readership nominated this list, from which we proposed a selection of the 10 candidates below:

Candidate Response Percent Response Count
A Presentable Fellow With A Nice Hat 19.20% 113
Kevin Rudd’s Cat 18.70% 110
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal 12.10% 71
Incitatus, the horse Caligula made Consul of Rome 9.70% 57
Janet Albrechtsen/Gerard Henderson for a Glorious 1000 year Government 9.70% 57
Megan Gale 7.50% 44
A Bottle of Claret 7.10% 42
The Magic Pudding 6.80% 40
Brendan Nelson’s Hair 5.60% 33
Me 3.60% 21
Total respondents 588

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