The candidates are being forced to address a range of foreign affairs issues this week, from Georgia to the leadership shakeup in Pakistan.

Candidates react to Musharraf resignation – Obama and McCain’s official statements. — RealClearPolitics

Crisis in Georgia turning into liability for McCain – It started out as a chance for McCain to play the ‘elder statesman’ card but is it turning against him? — Huffington Post

Did McCain plagarise his ‘cross in the dirt’ POW story from Solzhenitsyn? Bloggers have started pulling apart the POW story which McCain told in his televised Q&A with Pastor Rick Warren over the weekend. It’s very similar to a story from The Gulag Archipelago. — Huffington Post

MoveOn warns Dem voters not to get complacent – has released a campaign video “5 things you should know” warning its supporters that Barack Obama may be popular but the campaign’s not won yet. [via techPresident]

Preview of Obama’s DNC campaign – The Obama campaign intends to hammer home their candidates “all-American” image, beginning with an introduction by his wife, Michelle Obama. — New York Times

Does Obama need Hillary as VP now? “Eight weeks ago Obama probably felt like he didn’t need her. Eight weeks later, he probably needs her more than he’s willing to admit, and certainly more than she needs him.” — Real Clear Politics

Technology and campaigning – Last year seven of the 16 major presidential candidates launched their campaigns online. An Economist feature looking at the history of the use of tech in US election campaigns. — Economist