Regarding the ATO and Phoenixing. In my experience, what is worse than phoenixing, is the (ab)use of the Voluntary Administration and Deed of Company Arrangement protections in the Corps Law. I am aware of a director (in the Building and Construction game of course) who has placed at least half a dozen companies into VA. He then gets a third party company to offer 5c or 10c in the dollar and — using a whole bunch of “friendly” creditors to get the deed approved by the Second Meeting of Creditors. The nifty thing here is that if you are a director of a company which goes into liquidation, you get pinged on ASIC’s computer. But you can apparently get through as many DOCAs as you like without offending anyone — except of course the ATO which is seriously out of pocket every time. Makes a PAYG taxpayer cry.

This is getting creepy! The Federal Member for Fisher (who looks like Mr Bean) invites us for a play “date” in the park. The tacky use of clipart was passe’ in the days of Windows 95, but I assume this is a method of giving the impression of connecting with the common folk — a bit like donning the RM’s and Akubra for a visit in the bush. Question: Is he trying to save his tax-payer funded advertising allowance for a splurge on the next election? The regular newspaper feature “Slipper Report” (4 pages) has been noticeably absent of late. I wouldn’t let him touch my weiner!

When I was working for a Liberal MP (State) I was shocked that we could not order stationery from a cheaper and much more attractive, range and quality wise, suppliers. The MP explained that he had no freedom to decide where to buy his office equipment from, as it was the Liberal Party HQ to select ‘preferred suppliers’. So much so for the free market economy…

Regarding the recent decline in circulations for weekly women’s mags — we in the social research arena have seen this one coming for a while. These circulation declines represent the increasingly upwardly mobile aspirations of society, particularly in capital cities. Just as everyone knows a Kath & Kim, but no-one ever admits to actually BEING a Kath or a Kim, so anything viewed as “trailer trash”, and seen to be cheap, tacky, scraping the bottom of the barrel each week and blatantly lying to its readers (magazines like NW and Women’s Day, take note) is fast being discarded by a society increasingly upwardly mobile and aspirational — yes, even out in the burbs. Will be interested to see Grazia‘s inaugural circulation figures — suspect they’ll be huge.

Tell me, this sub prime mortgage mess must be a whole lot of bullsh-t. $0 deposit mortgages are alive and well down under…

Peter Fray

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