Your days are numbered. You probably think the looming economic crisis isn’t your fault. That’s because you’re a financially illiterate layperson in need of an attitude change. — New Matilda

Now, even China doesn’t want the Hummer. General Motors had been in preliminary talks with automakers across Asia (including those in India and Russia) regarding the sale of its Hummer division. But now Chinese SUV maker Hunan Changfeng has broken off talks with GM and no longer has any interest in purchasing the gas-guzzler. Their remarks do not bode well for GM. — Clusterstock

Our cupboard was bare. I had a master’s degree. I had a job. But to feed my three children, I had to swallow my pride and go to a soup kitchen. From Pinched, a new series of personal essays about life during a recession. — Salon

In praise of doubles table tennis. It’s like regular table tennis, with added concussions! — Slate