Going for bronze?

Balding alert MediaMook watched Rove Live on Sunday night and was shocked to notice young Rove may be losing his hair ‘Prince Charles (and William)-style’ with a bald patch briefly visible on the crown of his head. Is it an early sign of impending baldness or a trick of the studio lights? Or perhaps it’s a haircut mishap and Rove needs to find a new hairdresser? — MediaMook

That’s a bit stiff We suspect the subbies at The Canberra Times had a bit of fun with this story:

The religion beat in an age of intolerance: In this video, Tim Townsend discusses the story he wrote for the May/June issue of Columbia Journalism Review. — CJR

Where does Rupert get his ideas? After Alan Taylor launched “The Big Picture” on the Boston Globe’s Boston.com site earlier this year, he told an interviewer, “I know it’s totally copy-able.” No kidding. Last week, the Wall Street Journal — not exactly known for its photojournalism — started a photo blog that was, well, identical to what Boston.com has been doing: a blog featuring huge photos of stories in the news and off the news. The Journal even took the same name, “The Big Picture.” If you go there now, you’ll see that it’s been changed to “Photo Journal.” But I found last week’s version in Google’s cache, and I’ve reproduced it above. And “thebigpicture” remains part of the URL. — Media nation

After all that Fasting, Pop Open an Ice-Cold Ramadan Coke. Tailor a piece of Americana to your global village! Coca-Cola’s chosen ATTIK to help interpret its brand across a number of events: for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, for Coke’s Christmas 2008 effort, and for Ramadan in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, and other countries with a great many Muslims. — Adrants

Riot in Denver A week from today the Democrats will begin their nominating convention in Denver. This seems like a good time to recall the incitations to violence that were voiced last April by Rush Limbaugh. The Conventional Media is as consumed today with trivialities as it was four months ago when they virtually ignored Limbaugh’s overt and repulsive call to arms. There is nothing ambiguous about his remarks. — Newscorpse

Is it Denver or Beijing? Both cities have undergone makeovers for their media moments. But can you tell the difference? Take the quiz — Radar Online