Better than 70% of Liberal voters would like to see Peter Costello as leader of their parliamentary party. We think hardworking Australian conservatives need and deserve other options. Yesterday we asked for your suggestions, some of which were very silly.

Here is a complete list of your nominations:

A Bottle of Claret HG Nelson Paul Keating
A chocolate bownie Hilary Clinton Pauline Hanson
A dog Homer Simpson Pepi Polenta
A horse or failing that Philip Ruddock Humphrey B Bear Pervez Musharraf
A microwave oven Ian MacLachlan Peter Costello
A piece of dried dog shit. Inanimate Carbon Rod Peter Garrett
A Presentable Fellow With A Nice Hat Incitatus, the horse Caligula made Consul of Rome Peter Holmes a Court
A selection of fungus Janet Albrechtsen Peter Pan
A soiled nappy Janet Albrechtsen/Gerard Henderson for a Glorious 1000 year Govt Peter Singer
A Squirrel Janette Howard Petro Georgiou
Adolf Hitler Jason Wood (of “multiple orgasms in parliament” fame) Phillip Adams
Amy Winehouse Jeff Kennett Prince Charles
An iPhone Jeremy Clarkson Principle Seymour Skinner
Andrew Bolt Joe Hockey Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Andrew Forrest John Howard Rin Tin Tin
Andrew Peacock John Laws Robert Doyle
Andrew Robb Jonathon Green Robert Menzies
Archbishop Pell Julie Bishop Robert Mugabe
Batman Kenny (from the movie) Robin Millhouse
Bill Heffernan Kermit The frog Roy Slaven
Billie McMahon Kevin Andrews Senator Larry Craig
Billy Hughes Kevin Rudd Serial pest Peter Hore
Billy McMahon Kevin Rudd’s Cat Shane Warne
Bindi Irwin Kochie Shannon Noll
Brendan Nelson Kylie Minogue Sonny Bill Williams
Brendan Nelson’s Hair Lassie Sophie Mirabella
Brian Burke Lyn Allison Stephanie Rice
Bronwyn Bishop Mal Washer Stephen Mayne
Bugs Bunny Malcolm Fraser Steve Irwin
Chevy Chase Malcolm Turnbull Steve Waugh
Christian Kerr Marise Payne Tamsyn Lewis
Christopher Pyne Mary Wooldridge The dead stick
Chrysler PT Cruiser Maurice Iemma The Drover’s Dog
Chuck Norris Maxine McKew The Duchess of Cornwall
Dame Edna Everage Me The Magic Pudding
David Cameron Megan Gale The Swedish Chef
David Hawker Michael Costa Thomas the Tank Engine
Dennis Shanahan Michael Kroger Tim Flannery
Don Chipp Mickey Mouse Tinkerbell
Dr Mahathir Mohamad Mikhail Gorbochov Tinky-Winky (the purple Tellytubby)
Eddie McGuire Mikheil Saakashvili Tony Abbott
Elvis Miss Piggy Tony Mokbel
First Dog on the Moon Mr Nobody Troy Buzzwell
Francis the Talking Mule Murray the Red Wiggle Vladimir Putin
Gengis Khan My washing machine. Growls enough. Vytautas Landsbergis
Germaine Greer Nicole Kidman Wilson “Ironbar” Tuckey
Greg Hunt Osama Ben Laden Yosemite Sam
Harold Holt Paris Hilton

It was tricky, but we have decided on a top 10 (based on popularity of nominations and a little bit of personal whim):

  • Kevin Rudd’s Cat
  • A Bottle of Claret
  • A Presentable Fellow With A Nice Hat
  • Incitatus, the horse Caligula made Consul of Rome
  • The Magic Pudding
  • Brendan Nelson’s Hair
  • Janet Albrechtsen/Gerard Henderson for a Glorious 1000 year Government
  • Me
  • Megan Gale
  • Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal

Now you can vote for the candidate best suited to lead Australian Liberals back to the Treasury benches.

Vote here and vote often.

We’ll publish the results tomorrow.