The candidates got blanket coverage over the weekend for their hour long Q&A session with evangelical pastor Rick Warren. Here’s some highlights of the blog coverage.

Pastor Rick Warren’s panel with the candidates. The Power Line blog looks at a Q&A with the candidates, some of their interesting answers and links to other blogs discussing the panel. — Power Line

How the candidates define what “rich” means. Obama answered the question, McCain derailed it but said $5 million makes you rich.  — The Carpetbagger Report

The candidates on the Supreme Court. How the candidates answered the question ‘Which of the current Supreme Court justices would you not have nominated.’ — Politico

And in other news…

The Conventions – why bother? As the US heads into convention season, here’s an interesting roundup of stats about the conventions and an argument that they’re a bad thing for both parties. — Swampland

The irrelevance of the VP choice. A look at presidential races since 1960 and why the VP choice was and remains largely irrelevant.  — RedState

Fundraising update. Despite being on an overseas trip for much of July, Barack Obama’s campaign still raised over $51 million, just $1 million less than the previous month. — AP

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