The Winners: Seven’s prime time coverage of the Games won the night with 2.227 million, Seven News on 2.187 million and the late morning (swimming finals) coverage averaging 1.553 million. Nine News had a solid night with 1.398 million, likewise 60 Minutes with 1.387 million and Seven’s 5pm to 6pm coverage averaging 1.383 million. Nine’s repeat of CSI Miami averaged 1.175 million (surely the games were better than that!), Doctor Who averaged 1.074 million and Nine’s 6.30pm program, Talk to The Animals, averaged 1.017 million. Seven’s afternoon coverage averaged 966,000, Nine’s 9.30pm repeat of CSI, 867,999. Ten’s repeat of Thank God You’re Here at 6.30pm averaged 827,000, Rove at 8.30pm, 824,000 and America’s Next Top Model, 7.30pm Ten, 762,000.

The Losers: Yum Cha on Seven at 7.30am yesterday. Bring back Weekend Sunrise with Andrew O’Keefe and Sam Armytage! They have the advantage of:

1) Not being a member of the Daddo family,

2) Not being a member of the Wilson family (News Ltd sports jockette, Rebecca and brother Jim, News/Seven) and

3) They at least tell us each Sunday morning what is happening in the big wide world (to varying degrees).

Nine’s Sunday morning News benefited from having weak opposition with a solid rise in ratings to 176,000. Yum Cha averaged 443,000, but that was no different than Weekend Sunrise. We have to endure this next Sunday morning as well.

News & CA: The 7pm ABC News averaged 937,000. Ten News 721,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 241,000. Nine’s Sunday morning news was handed the “news” market by Seven’s Games program, Yum Cha. Insiders at 9am was hit by the Games and averaged 155,000, Offsiders at 10.30am, 119,000 and Inside Business at 10am, 114,000.

The Stats: Seven won with a higher share than the previous Sunday night, which was the second night of competition. Seven won 6pm to midnight with 45.2% (42.5% last Sunday evening) from Nine with 22.4% (20.6%), Ten with 14.8% (15.0%), the ABC with 12.7% (13.8%) and SBS with 4.8% (8.1%). Melbourne saw Seven with 47.6% to 45.9% in Sydney. In regional areas Prime/7Qld finished with a 42.1% share from WIN/NBN with 25.4%, Southern cross (Ten) with 13.9%, the ABC with 13.3% and SBS with 5.3%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Too many games were being played at the weekend. It was hard to keep up with what was happening. And if you’d been watching the Seven coverage you would have been left none the wiser. I know Seven has to “play” for Australia, just as China, Britain, the US etc are framing their coverage towards their audiences, but an update of what was happening in other sports every three or four hours would have been helpful. There were 38 medals up for winning on Sunday, but by around 10pm last night we were ignorant about who had won any them, except for the women’s marathon, some swimming, bike riding, rowing and yachting.

Providing there are no testing hitches, the performances of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps will rank as the best for decades. Were they as good as Emile Zatopek and Jesse Owens? Who knows. But the latter burnished their reputations by living as they competed.

Having watched Olympics since 1960 (and forgetting more than I can ever remember), Bolt’s 100 metres was simply awesome for a 21 year old running in his first Olympics and having only started running the 100 metres back in March.

It would be like Michael Phelps deciding to swim the 1500 metres six months ago and winning the gold medal yesterday. Thankfully, in its replays of the race, Seven didn’t play the theme to Chariots Of Fire. It would have devalued it.

If anyone is interested in the NRL, barring a dope test or some other late self-destruction of form, the Melbourne Storm proved on Friday night why they will win the premiership again.

Tonight, more games, more repeats.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports