The news from China is all gold. It is ticketyboo. In fact there is so little to say that the IOC has shut down the daily press conferences. These Gosper Gee-ups, as the hacks fondly refer to them, got a bit willing at the end of last week with reporters wanting to poke their noses where they were not wanted or needed. Cancelling the Gee-ups keeps the great story of 2008 Olympics rolling. The IOC have gone native and taken a leaf out of the Chinese media play book. “No one can find out nothing if no one tells them” is an ancient Confucian saying that has become the mantra of the IOC.

If you have been in a cupboard or on the far side of the planet, Coosbane here is an update. Australia’s gold medal tally will burst into double figures today. It will be a fat 10 if both our 470 sailing crews can grab the top step of the podium at Quingdao. The silver stangas score is stewing up nicely on another big fat hen and our brown-out in bronze is pegged on legs 11. The women’s swim team bagged six gold and he rowers pulled in two more.

With these great results, many Australians are asking, ‘Am I dreaming?’ This medal haul, at the half way point, is literally a dream come true. Many sports mad Australians came to China expecting the worst. It could have been Montreal all over again or the toilet of Atlanta, but now its blue skies above and the Oi! Oi! Oi! train is still chugging.

I have to be booted up the date several times a day to make sure that I am awake and not on the nod, it has been that good. Our heroes — that is what they are, heroes, green and gold heroes — have set an extraordinary example to fat, unfit kids across Australia. The message is that with a little bit of hard work, discipline in the diet and couple of training sessions after school, a gold medal at this level of competition can be theirs.

There were disappointments. Our beach volley ball tilt has wilted on the sand. Both The Buckets and The Spades are out. There have been a couple of flats at the velodrome and the repair kick was left on the bus. We still have a chance with Anna Meares on the tredley. The big disturbing development is we have no medals on the boards but New Zealand has snared one. How?

Our Number one puller James Tomkins dipped out in the big boat last night on the fabulous Shunyi layout. The boys in the barge were relaxed the held their composure. Australia has never seen an eight look more relaxed. They got away well and they did not row out of their lane. Sadly they were so far behind after 10 meters that Channel Seven could not get wide enough to fit them into the picture. This made it hard for the callers to focus on our tilt.

But the failure in 2008 can not be the concluding chapter of the Tomkins story. This is a great story with a winning chapter still to be written. All right-thinking Australians need to lobbying Big Jim to push on. When the big bloke is out and about doing his supermarket shopping, picking up his trousers at the dry cleaners or buying a de Bortolli merlot at the bottle shop he needs to be pestered about London in 2012 and Brisbane in 2016. The message about leaving the nation in the lurch needs to be delivered loudly and clearly.

Sailing and Fushan Bay? Well … yesterday it was a nightmare. Sheets of The China Daily newspaper were clocked blowing past the central commentary position at speeds in excess of 120 kilometres per hour. But the show went on.

When the final hooter blew, the day’s damp action was buried in protests. Our 49ers crew, Outteridge and Austin, were tipped into the drink twice with the finish line in sight and gold in their grasp. It was Australia One at the America’s Cup all over again. Mercifully the whole race was hauled in before the stewards.

The winners, Denmark, borrowed a tub from Croatia and were in the bad books. This could take months to sort out.

Then Weir and Gojnich, forgot to weigh their boat. It could happen to any one in the heat of competition but it is considered a big no no by the rules committee. Our star class tub dropped a mast. Skipper Lard Murray was up all night banging in a new one. But bad luck turns eventually and we are still in their swinging. Mercifully our 470 sailors only have to turn up, weigh the boat and push off to get gold.

Over the weekend we glimpsed the future of Australian sprinting. That future is in green and gold and at the moment, but it is in Jamaica. Usain’s Bolt golden hit out was … well … I can not think of a cliche to do it justice. It is hard trick to knock off a world record in an Olympic final, a lot of dominoes have to line up. Computer projections suggest the big bloke could have gone 9.8 seconds if he did not showboat the last 60 metres. Incidentally ABC’s David “Thirsty” Morrow has never called a better race. Callers can only do as well as the contest in front of them. With Bolt on fire, “Thirsty” was in career best form.

After the Jamaican success in both the Men’s and Women’s sprints, the federal government needs to accelerate through parliament in the spring session the 457 sporting visa which will allow young quick kids from around the planet to run for Australia. At the very least we need to employ Doctor Herb Elliot (a name that says it all), on a fat contract to run his experienced eye over our fatties and point out which ones can go quick.

In a very good-news Olympic story, the world health the anti-smoking hero in China Xiong Wei has offered tickets to the volleyball through an ad in The Bejing News. The first 10 smokers who want to give up the gaspers can to get in free. He has been knocked over in the rush. In the first two days he has received 132 applications for tickets. Incredible! Given the enthusiasm for the cheroot across the nation, experts are blown away that 132 want to quit out of the billion who are torching the king-size daily.

In more good news The BMX caper has landed and kids are licking their lips in anticipation. This pedal power push off gives the lie to that overworked idea that the Olympics is a school sports competition for old fuds who don’t know what the kids are up to on the street. BMX will take the five rings to whole new level and once skateboarding, X-box gaming and V8 Supercars are added in London it will be awesome!