Vice President Al Gore? More speculation about Gore for VP – “he hasn’t been slotted as a convention speaker yet, which is curious since Gore is one of the party’s superstars and its most effective spokesperson on energy and the environment. Are they holding off because he’s a finalist for Veep? And I have two pretty good sources who say Gore and Obama are actively exploring an administration slot for Al.” — The American Prospect

Hillary’s name will be on DNC ballot – Obama and Clinton issue joint press release to argue that having Hillary’s name on the ballot will be about unity, not division. — RealClearPolitics
Meanwhile the USA Today reports that Clinton supporters are debating whether to force a roll call to demonstrate support for her candidacy during the DNC as well.

Obama – “the middle class first” – Environmental blog Grist points to the Obama campaign’s new ad attacking John McCain’s economic policy, questioning its confusing point about ‘welfare for Iraq’. We were also intrigued to hear the final line of the ad: “Barack Obama – the middle class, first”.

Did Obama flunk the “3am phone call test” on Georgia? A look at how the candidates – and the president – reacted to the Russian invasion of Georgia. — RealClearPolitics

McCain to launch technology policy – McCain will offer a 10% tax credit on employment of R&D professionals, and oppose additional laws about internet regulation, including net neutrality laws.  [WSJ via techPresident]