Commonwealth Bank’s online backing facility, Netbank, is currently offline and has been so for a while. Not a bad effort after the profit announcement this week.

Is there a reason why no-one has reported that Babcock & Brown Global Partners has a 6% stake in TAV, the Turkish owner of Batumi Airport (and victim of Russian bombing raids in the past week)?

A Channel Seven promo currently airing features a montage of Olympians tagged “Australia’s Best”. Convicted stalker/cyclist Garry Neiwand is featured. Neiwand was sentenced to 18 months’ jail time in 2006 for repeatedly stalking his ex-wife but he also never won Gold at any Olympics. Seven’s definition of “Australia’s best” could also be applied to their shoddy Olympics coverage. Definitely “Australia’s Best”….

QF 9 Melbourne-Singapore-LHR was delayed four hours on departure from Melbourne yesterday. No explanation. QF staff in Melbourne would not guarantee/arrange onward carriage to other European cities ex Singapore after delay ex Melbourne caused passengers to miss onward QF code share flights. Not sure if this is the same flight with the reported six hour delay because of Panel falling off en route to Singapore.

Qantas, safety, oxygen bottles and hypoxia. Last year a medical friend nearly died from a “mysterious upper respiratory complaint” after returning from Europe aboard a Qantas flight. Being a medico she had extra insight. Apparently various hospital registrars across Australia were getting rightly concerned about a significant level of emergency level admissions requiring intensive care in our hospitals. The cause — airline passengers arriving on long-haul flights experiencing respiratory complaints. I flew Qantas last year and returning from Hong Kong I developed a really bad throat on the night flight. Within the week I had developed pneumonia — now I was really fit and healthy. Problem is Qantas and all the air brands have an obligation to supply oxygen to passengers at a recommended rate. There is a specified ratio for compliance. The medicos know this hasn’t been happening as the air on the flights has becomes hypoxic (too much CO2 too little O2) — the immune system doesn’t like it. Reactions vary, not everybody is effected at same time.

Look at the two smiling faces in below picture. After all that went down with John Bowler and Julian Grill, and what led to Bowler’s resignation, it would be interesting to see if anyone remembers. Are they people you can trust? Do people really want to vote John Bowler back in during in the upcoming WA election, given his track record and chequered past?