Suddenly the first week of competition is done and dusted. Australia is clinging tenaciously to sixth place after our Golden Girl Dream Machine came from nowhere to snatch the gold in the 4×200 metres.

Australia now needs to get this foursome on to the end of a great product like ‘Golden Circle Pineapple Rings’ or ‘Bega Tasty Cheese Singles’ so we can appreciate their talent for years to come.

Today, Cube-side, there is the unfolding drama called Phelps, powered by 20,000 calories per day, the Baltimore Blizzard is going for gold medal Number Six.

Already many in Beijing are asking, how does the greatest Olympian compare with the greatest ever, Our Don Bradman? While the experts are pouring over the records The Don may edge out The Blizzard as the Bradman Museum in Bowral has recently unearthed some great footage of the Don swimming and he looks promising.

The supporting story in the pool today is the Trickett affair in lane eight of the 100 metres freestyle. This is another redemption drama as Libby squeaked into the final, after a dud semi, thanks to a Chinese stuff up. Libby will be leaving nothing to chance. She has lane eight, the one she wants, and will be pulling on five super quick suits.

Elsewhere the action laps over from the pool to the Main Stadium where the Olympic Flame has been blazing away cooking the Beijing air for the last set of seven without any one noticing.

One race that will be watched keenly is the 800 meters in which green and gold Speed Queen, Tamsyn Lewis will run around with a bunch of “drug cheats”. In the post dash press conefrence Tamsyn will finger those on the gear to make WADA’s job taking the samples a lot easier.

But it is just not sport and gold that is on the go in Beijing, the Olympics provide great business opportunities. Kate Ellis, our hard working Minister of Sport, was glimpsed in very deep conversation with FIFA, numero uno, Sepp Blatter in the corporate box area at Tianjin Stadium, Wednesday night.

This was the night when the Olyroos stumbled out of their comfort zone and were trampled by the Elephants from the Ivory Coast. A tragedy for Australian football but the good news is that Kate was able to lobby Blatter on behalf of Australia’s 2018 World Cup bid. These things are best done one to one and Blatter was seen grinning which is half the battle. While there was no news on the World Cup, Blatter is right up behind Kate and our Brisbane 2016 Olympics bid.

Still with business, hopefully Tourism Australia can cash in on the Olympics mania that is sweeping China. Australia needs to grab a fat slice of the cashed up, Olympic mad, travelling Chinese market. Tours built around the romance of the Olympics will take literally millions of tourists to our great Olympic sites like the MCG, the Heidelberg Olympic Village and Lake Wendourie in Victoria and Homebush Stadium and the site of the Bondi Beach volleyball complex in Sydney. These are destinations the Chinese have heard all about and now they want to see them.

The other Olympic spin off is getting Aussie kids fit by taking up new sports. This simple message was rammed home with our of the second step of the podium surge in equestrian competition mid week. The knock on from The Silver Stangas big second is that hundreds of fat, unfit kids will take equestrian option when completing their school sports selection form.

One of our horse superstars Megan Jones believes the Olympic silver is “the shot in the arm” the sport needs across rural and regional Australia. Megan says that if kids believe in the horse and are prepared to do the hard work they can win medals.

But with the nation becoming more urbanised by the day the current draconian local government restrictions on horses and where you can keep them will have to be relaxed. Hopefully, before the glow of winning silver dims, the backyards across the nation will be filled with horses and fat kids seeking redemption in 2012.

Tennis: should it be at the Olympics when it is treated like a sideshow clown act played by freaks? if it does not get a better go the game of slams should take its bat and ball and bugger off.

Our top rating Casey Dellacqua was forced to change her change her shirt in full view of the crowd during her third round cash against Victoria Azarenka from Belarus. Casey was bundled out 6-2, 6-2. Because of the heat and humidity Casey’s shirt was a sodden dish cloth after a couple of serves. She did not want to take a toilet break but wanted to change her shirt. The uncaring clown in the central chair would not let her duck behind the fence making Casey strip off in full view of the audience. There was something weird and unsettling about the whole episode.

But the issue of perspiration and what to do with it needs to be looked at. At the ancient Games the sweat of athletes was saved and used by other members of the community as a medicinal salve. It was considered to have healing properties that normal sweat did not.

It is a pity that a great cosmetic company, like Jurlique, did not have fully accredited collectors on hand with the scarpers to capture Eau de Beijing because the conditions in are ideal for big haul of raw material. Gallons of gear could have been mined from the bodies of participants in the cycling, tennis and rowing where the competitors are literally standing in puddles oozing with healing gold.

Surely as part of the Closing ceremony festivities Jurlique could have unleashed its Olympic fragrance line. It would be a two pronged assault on the fragrance market featuring gear scraped from athletes across Beijing. Mongolian Nights, a lively splash of refreshing fruit of success for him and Beijing Gateway to Mysterious, a sultry come hither golden fragrance for her. Now there is something The New Green and Gold Dream Machine could get hold of and flog.