Honestly we’re good sports. No really.

Tamsyn Lewis is certain she’ll be running against drug cheats.

Shooter Russell Mark (finished 5th) accuses Chinese judges of cheating. Jess Schipper had a zipper-based swim suit malfunction. It was the old-style suit that put the slows on her swim.

Diver Briony Cole notes Chinese divers were selected at age of five or six, based on what parents look like and how their elbows bend.

Then there was the rudder failure for our rowing eight, diver Chantelle Newbery had health problems and lost luggage.

Olyroos coach Graham Arnold wasn’t happy with condition of pitches.

Cyclist Cadel Evans thought the road racing lacked audience participation: “competition without crowds is like training”.

And don’t forget the water polo. What a sportmanslike spray from defeated Australian women’s coach Greg McFadden.

After the game, McFadden, who goes by the nickname of Dumper, let fly, flanked by unsuspecting media manager Mike Tancred.

“The referee is an a-sehole as far as I’m concerned,” McFadden said. “How’s that a kick-out at the end of the game? We’re up by a goal, we don’t want to give away an exclusion, we foul the girl, we’re trying to cut back. The Hungarian player has hold of us and we get excluded. That’s just total bullsh-t as far as I’m concerned. I’d like to kill the b-stard.”

Tancred intervened, saying McFadden was joking. But a red-faced McFadden went on: “It feels like we’ve been robbed. That was the most important game in our round. We win that game and we’re looking good and they’re struggling. Let the players decide the game not the stupid bloody referees.”

Ah yes, the Olympic spirt. It’s not how you play the game, but the quality of the excuse for losing it that counts.