Is Russia McCain’s “August surprise”? – “The McCain campaign has obviously decided to play the national security card over the Russia/Georgia contretemps with the hope that the sight of John McCain banging his cane on the ground will make the country feel safe.” — Firedoglake

McCain’s foreign affairs gaffe – An incredulous Huffington Post has skewered McCain for his statement condemning Russia over the situation in Georgia, in which he seems to have ignored the US’s role in foreign affairs, claiming that:”in the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.”” — Huffington Post

Churchill Envy – “Look: every Republican wants to be Churchill. But this is not 1938. And Putin’s Russia is not Hitler’s Germany. You’ll have to find another fantasy on which to base a campaign.” — The Atlantic

McCain-Huckabee – The key to steal the Democrat’s thunder.Race 4 2008

The books on Barack — Barack Obama’s already published two autobiographies, now everyone including his controversial former pastor is publishing an Obama book. Or are they? — Newsweek