Climate blog worth watching. Professor Barry Brook’s research involves bringing the power of statistical modeling to ecological issues, most notably the effects of climate change on the environment. So it’s great to discover that he’s now blogging about it at, where he already has some fascinating posts up. — Larvatus Prodeo

World Bank funds coal power plants.The World Bank is providing $500 million in loans, guarantees, and investment funds to help build one of the world’s largest coal-fired power plants, despite promises by its president, Robert Zoellick, to “significantly step up our assistance” to combat climate change. Bank officials have said that while the bank strongly supports a move to renewable energy, its major goal is alleviating poverty, in part by giving people in developing countries access to electricity produced by fossil fuels. — Yale Environment 360

Mass extinctions and ‘rise of slime’ predicted for oceans. Oceanographer Jeremy Jackson has predicted that human impact is laying the groundwork for mass extinctions in the oceans on par with vast ecological upheavals of the past. — Science Daily

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Prevent landfill… recycle your sex toys. We’ve started chucking old mobile phones into recycling bins, but now a couple of ‘adult’ stores have started encouraging customers to recycle their old sex toys. You can mail your worn out or broken “instruments” to Sex Toy Recycling in a special pouch. They will either repair and refurbish your toy, or recycle the elements into a new, 95% post-consumer content toy. Plus you get a $5 coupon, good for the purchase of your next pleasure stick. Green Daily

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