Did anyone else spot today’s howler by Christian Kerr in The Oz? Writing about Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s special message in the 60th anniversary edition of Woman’s Day, Kerr said the souvenir issue also featured celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay pictured at the side of a pool in Beverly Hills. “We haven’t seen a prime minister dishabille since Gough at Terrigal,” wrote Kerr. Kerr may have seen Gough dishabille at Terrigal, the rest of Australia saw Bob. That’s Bob on the left of the picture by the way. Maybe “Gough’s” on the right?

The developers’ premier lobbying group, Urban Taskforce Australia, will hold its glittering awards night at the five-star Westin Hotel in Sydney’s Martin Place on September 16 with Planning Minister Frank Sartor as guest of honor. The event sponsor is law firm Blake Dawson. For any Crikey readers wanting to book a table for 10, the price is $1950, while a single ticket is $195. The Urban Taskforce, which recently opened a Canberra office, to share in the Rudd revolution, has a long association with the NSW ALP. Its current CEO is Aaron Gadiel, former chief of staff to Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid whose political career has been resurrected as a key backroom adviser to Premier Morris Iemma. The turn-out on September 16 will be an important indicator of how the taskforce and the Iemma Government are travelling among developers, infrastructure builders and investors. The word is that they are so disillusioned with the government’s bumbling incompetence and policy muddling that they will be staying away in droves. When the government’s on the nose, it’s on the nose, a point that even the dopey developers seem to have worked out.

Regarding Virgin’s flapless landing. Without commenting about the schedule, the aircraft went around, trouble shot the problem near Avalon, then returned for a very wide circuit from the East landing on runway 27; some 20 plus minutes after attempting the first approach. I’m not sure what the “schedule” commentary had to do with the story.

Ask GetUp how much they paid for the ad. The rumour I hear is under $1,000 (one thousand). Ask Panasonic how much they paid for the ad in the Opening Ceremony. The rumour I hear is over $200,000 (two hundred thousand). How did GetUp afford to pay? The Opening Ceremony ran over time. What spot would Seven drop first? The less than $1k spot or the greater $200k spot. No contest. Prime TV is not Seven Network.

Airservices Australia is now sending the likes of this memo to the airlines when “service reductions occur” but making it very public to staff that it is our fault for not coming to work. Perhaps they could roster more than one person in most groups between 8pm and 6am? Wouldn’t that help?